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Business Partners Wanted

This page is, for those guests who helped us with the content production business, and corporate guests who ask for the creation or development of content.

We are looking for business partners of the following at any time.

Engiveers Wanted 【Outsourcing Contract Staff】 Emergency Call !!
The job of the people who can development of iPhone / iPad / Android application using Unity.
※The experience of C # welcome
※Students and reserve army of engineers are also welcome.
>> Details are here
Game Creator 【Outsourcing Contract Staff】
We are looking for a partner who is serving in terms of game planning, production, and development.
Job Opening…Planner/Screenwriter/Programmer/Network Engineer/Designer/Sound Creator/Debugger
>> Details are here
Request for Contents Development We accept the content planning, direction, and produce.
Supported Platforms・・・
Windows/Mac/XBOX360/iPhone/iPod touch/iPad/Android  etc.
>> Details are here