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MasaHills website (the Website) is, MasaHills (below us), or its agent has.
Before the use of our web site, please read the following terms and conditions.
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The text, images, illustrations, video, music data, program, etc. published on this website, All content (hereinafter collectively referred to as content) rights are belong to us or the original author.
Private copying of content such as these can not be used beyond the extent permitted by law.
Without obtaining the permission of us or the original author, copying, modification, reproduction, marketing, and publishing activities, you are prohibited by law including copyright laws.


All trademarks and logos on this website, trade name rights, the rights belong to their respective owners, or us.
Except as otherwise permitted by other law trademark rights law, You are not allowed to use them without permission, without legitimate authority.


Information be posted on this website, or by using this site, If problems, loss, damage can occur, is not responsible for any us.
Us, the configuration of the web site, terms and conditions, such as content and URL, may be changed or deleted without notice.
Also, you can help us suspend or cancel the operation of the Website. Please be forewarned.
Us are subject to change without notice Terms and Conditions. Please be forewarned.


Upon use of the Website, the following will be prohibited.

  1. Disrupt and Interfere with the operation of this Web site activity
  2. For us and other users and third parties, Nuisance, detriment, damage actions, or actions that could
  3. For other users, third parties, or us, Infringe the privacy or property, or which might act
  4. Immoral act, or act that could
  5. the acts in violation of laws, regulations and ordinances, Or may act with
  6. In addition, inappropriate actions deemed by us.

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Regarding links from this website, linked websites, is managed by the responsibility of each operator. We will not guarantee that any content on.In addition, we have no responsibility for any trouble or damage occurs when you use those sites.
It does not mean that we recommend you to the linked website and its contents.Moreover, between us and the linked websites, nor does it mean to have a special relationship.


We respect your personal information from our customers, we strive to protect your privacy.
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Governing law

For interpretation and application of this agreement and use of this website, unless otherwise specified by and shall be governed by the laws of Japan